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Company policy

Our company was founded to fulfill every girl's dream: whenever she looks into thecloset, she will  find there a PERFECT DRESS.

We couldn't accept the fact, that the chain stores do not offer sizes fo women who are very short, very tall, super thin or plump. We consider it frustrating when you fall in love with a dress, but there's no size in the store, or it turns out, that it is too tight at the bust or a few inches too short. We've beeen there too.

The main challange we set for ourselves as a Place for Dress is to solve this problem. That is why you can order a different size of a top and bottom, within one dress.Furthermore, you can choose the length and even order a tailor . Our application enables creating dresses with a number of solutions. If you have a special request, don't bother writing us! If its implementation is be possible, we will be proud to make it for you. Even if the task is difficult, it will never be not a problem, but always a new challenge for us.

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