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How do we make our dresses?

The idea of the dress is your own original design. When you create it , you are free to look for an advice from our stylist, by writing to stylistka@placefordress.com.

Through our Place for Dress application, you can set up a dress in the million kinds of ways. Long , short, modest or bold - the choice is entirely up to you. You can also select the clasp and details like bows and belts.

Each dress, while sewing it, gets a name of its author. We are not a factory, we do not do mass production. Our dresses are hand-made, from the beginning to the very end. Thinking of you, about an individual - Have you already made a bow for Caroline's dress? These kind ofquestions are often heard at our studio. Ladies Dressmaker are a high-class specialists, with years of experience. We love them not only for their professionalism, thoroughness and commitment, but also for the fact, that they totally understand the idea of ​​our company and have never told us that something was impossible. We check every dress out together with our stylist. Each of us have to feel absolutely satisfied with the final reaoult of our work. We promised ourselfs, that no dress will ever be send to the client when we are not absolutely proud of it. 

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