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Dresses Prices

We wanted you to choose from the Place for Dress shop, exactly the dress you dream about. That's why all of the patterns are available at the same price.

You can easily and without any stress choose between colors, types of materials, and options such as bow, type of fasteners or straps. Dresses price will not increase.

The only distinction is between the short and long dresses, due to the amount of material needed.


Options that are not part of the dress as petticoat or fascinator are priced separately.


Short Dress         100 EUR

Midi Dress           113 EUR

Long Dress          125 EUR

Short Skirt           50 EUR

Midi Skirt             63 EUR

Long Skirt            75  EUR

Short Underskirt  15 EUR

Long Underskirt   20 EUR

Fascinator           17 EUR


Shipping abroad  17 EUR

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